Thursday, June 25, 2009


25 June 2009
The key word for this my virgin blog is popopomo, evolving critical culture from the Dark Ages to modernism through postmodern deconstruction and spiraling ad infinitum, temporarily hovering at popopomo as a cute gay, new marketing strategy for hi capitalism and the WWW.

My notion of Blog ideology is: how many crap islands do we need floating in the seas / orbiting the galaxies?

Present day humans compulsively read. It doesn’t matter if it’s quality, they’ll read n twitter anything as long as it’s in a familiar tongue; the root of High Capitalist virus that spawns and begets mediocrity, crapshoots, so maybe even recombinant reading could be on the way – look in the back door.

TW aka bUtom

Tom White
Professor Emeritus
California College of the Arts CCA