Friday, July 10, 2009


In ButohDrawing you try to change the space around you for as long as possible, even after everybody’s gone home.

When the work is done right it has so impressed other people that they walk away remembering it and pass it along to others; it’s their own version, not the version of the so-called author or actor or mind reader.*

The work isn’t exactly transparent because its intent in the first place is to do something unusual, different, weird, perfect, whatever – however far you can get. 

interpretation, recombinant reading, image-thought that’s actually spoken or acted, communication in butoh state
– pay it forward.

--= play it forward.
*My favorite writing model is from Roland Barthes:
‘a really good “read” is when it seems to have been written in a foreign language, translated.
It’s well written__ it’s not doxa, it’s paradox.’ (bUtom’s version).

TW aka bUtom

Tom White
Professor Emeritus
California College of the Arts CCA