Saturday, August 29, 2015

butohPhoto performance video

Edited video of the performance which was the finale of the butohPhoto workshop (link below) held at the Gray Loft Gallery, San Francisco, California. 

butohPhoto video edit 
Gray Loft Gallery
San Francisco, CA
August 14, 2015

butohPhoto is one of several ButohDrawing projects that have been held since the first one, Action/Reaction with Audience Participation, in 1997.

Video credits:

Tom White - Director
Betty Jo Costanzo - Assistant Director
Styrous® - Sound design
Kyung Lee - Video

Isaac Amala   
Minoo Hamzavi   
Kaia Self   

Moses Correntte - Lead cam

Jan Watten - Gray Loft Gallery Director

2889 Ford Street, third floor
Oakland, California 94601

butohPhoto Workshop @ the Gray Loft Gallery   

TW aka bUtom

Tom White
Professor Emeritus
California College of the Arts CCA



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