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photos by Styrous®

butohPhoto is the name of a recent workshop:
a way of taking a photo utilizing peripheral perception combined with Butoh practice --  snapping the picture, sending it to a pod-cast that’s projected into The Gray Loft Gallery. 

The photos in this article are of the workshop.  The end-product, with it's faults in mind, will be in video form in the next article I post on here. 

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The following are a few words from previous workshops and classes originating in  a 1997 CCA winter-break workshop called ButohDrawing, where I was forced to find a way for the class participants to serve as Live Models for what was intended as an academically credited Life Drawing class.

“ButohDrawing is a recombinant culture, a nomadic umbrella whose spokes point to many disciplines: art, architecture, design, movement, performance, philosophy, psychology, and historicism.  It interfaces the Japanese discipline of Butoh* movement with investigations of contemporary drawing, writing and postmodern thought.   

The conceptual locus of ButohDrawing can be traced from the picture plane, through the mirror, to the Butoh-rhizome; a filigree of nerves beneath the skin:  Brunelleschi. Leonardo, Cezanne, Lacan, Hijikata and Deleuze/Guattari.  We suspend and elevate this filigree ---  we move it attentively, creating drawings and digital documents in peripheral vision that shift from "doxa" into paradox.  Dynamic tension is at the heart of this program”.   

Tom White © 2003  

* Butoh is a Japanese dance form, circa 1959.  



projection by Betty Jo Costanzo 

TW aka bUtom

Tom White
Professor Emeritus
California College of the Arts CCA



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